The cottage with our switches won the prize!

Written by: Jana Ledecká, dated: 04.12.2019

KATY PATY porcelain switches as a design detail of the winning interior of prestigious CE ZA AR 2019 awards! The award for the realized reconstruction of the forest cottage was awarded to the architectural studio Y100. The aim of the reconstruction was to honor the surrounding nature and not to compete with it. The interior of the 1970s had to be adapted to today's needs of housing and recreation. The minimalist interior, dominated by OSB boards, is underlined by the black and white combinations of KATY PATY porcelain switches.


Filomena and Haberlandshouse

Written by: KATY, dated: 20.11.2019

I have always been very creative since I was a child. At first I would sew then I wanted to become a painter and at the age of 8 even a potter. (Until this day I am crazy about clay and one day we have a garage I will buy a potter´s wheel straight away). I studied fashion design, but after my kids were born I became more and more passionate about interior design and when we started reconstruction of the house I turned it into my hobby. In our Haberlandshouse I live with my husband, two children and our dog.


Why a porcelain switch?

Written by: PATY, dated: 31.03.2016

When the thing is a play of colours...

Written by: , dated: 22.03.2016
Air, sun, birdsong, simply hopeless romantics. KATY has conceived this house in the pastel colours of nature. Already at its inception we had the idea to use  ROO ALBA porcelain switches in the house to correspond with the white doors and contrasting window frames forming a whole wall of the house. But...

Timber structure - Ark

Written by: PATY, dated: 03.03.2016

This structure was erected on the outskirts of Prague. Its energy demands including hot water heating amount to an incredible 0.9 tonnes of pellets per year. With the solar panel off. If the solar panel is on the owners only consume a couple of kilos of pellets per year. The structure is unique globally due to the use of 55 tonnes of visible concrete in the interior. This makes the building a huge heat storage facility. For comparison, the heat retained by the building equals the heat retention by 2,000 accumulation stoves. 

The building is equipped with 156 porcelain switches and sockets. The colour of their surface is Grisea or graphite. The colour wonderfully underlines the magnificent look of the interior. 


How to conjure with switches and sockets

Written by: Jana Ledecká, dated: 03.03.2016

Do not be afraid of colours. Your porcelain switches made by KATY PATY will make any interior shine brightly. The colour groups are designed for beautiful balance and harmony of colours. They can even be all used together in a single room.


Manufacturing video

Written by: PATY, dated: 21.10.2015

Video straight from porcelain manufacture. See the secrets of old masters' manufacture.


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