Business terms and conditions

Business Terms and Conditions

for electronic shop of

KATY PATY design, s.r.o.

With registered seat at: U Sluncové 666/12a, Karlín, 180 00 Prague 8

Business ID: 03789861

Company entered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague,

Section C, File no 237572,

Phone: 420778449545

E-mail: info@katypaty.com

(hereinafter "Seller“)


Seller´s address for correspondence:

KATY PATY, Benátecká 1479, 25002 Stará Boleslav, Czech Republic


Show-room of the Seller (prior agreement required):

Na Břehu - Redpoint building (across a concrete bridge opposite the corner of: Na Břehu and Mlékárenská) 19000 Prague 9 - Vysočany


1           Initial Provisions

1/1     These Business Terms and Conditions lay down details of the legal relationship between the Seller and the Customer (hereinafter also the "Buyer“) constituted by goods sales via internet shop on www.katypaty.com (hereinafter "E-shop“).

1/2     This relationship between the Seller and the Buyer is governed by the Czech law, including but not limited to Act no 89/2012 Coll., the Civil Code, as amended, and if the Buyer is a consumer then also by Act no 634/1992 Coll., on Consumer Protection, as amended.

1/3     The Seller does not guarantee suitability, approval or fitness of the information on the E-shop web site or goods sold by the E-shop for use outside the Czech Republic. Buyer entering the E-shop web site from outside the Czech Republic or using the goods purchased from the E-shop outside the Czech Republic is fully responsible for consequences of the web site visit and use of the goods.

2           Subject of Contract

2/1     The Seller hereby agrees to supply to the Buyer goods specified in the order filed by means of the order form of the E-shop and the Buyer hereby agrees to pay the agreed price of the goods, all under the terms and conditions hereof.

3           E-Shop Environment

3/1     The Buyer can order goods from the E-shop directly without the need for any registration.

3/2     When ordering the goods the Buyer is liable for the required data entered to be correct and complete. The data entered by the Buyer in the context of the goods ordering shall be considered correct by the Seller.

3/3     The Buyer acknowledges that the E-shop need not be accessible non-stop, especially due to the necessary maintenance of the hardware and software equipment of the Seller or third parties.

3/4     The Buyer acknowledges that the software and other components of the web interface of the E-shop (including photographs of the offered goods) are copyright protected. The Buyer hereby agrees not to perform any activity that might allow the Buyer or any third parties unauthorised interference with or use of the software or other parts of the E-shop web interface.

4           Goods Ordering and Contract Execution

4/1     The presented goods are designed for the purpose specified in the respective goods descriptions. Use of the goods in another way, for another purpose or not in compliance with the instruction for use or other instructions issued with the goods and consequences of such actions shall be outside the responsibility of the Seller.

4/2     Valid order filing in the E-shop is conditioned by complete and correct filling out of all required data and other appurtenances requested by the order form. To order goods in the E-shop the Buyer shall fill out the order form available on the web interface of the Seller. The order form shall require the following information, including but not limited to:

(a)      The ordered goods (the Buyer shall place the ordered goods in the electronic shopping basket found on the web interface of the Seller),

(b)      The goods purchase price payment method, data on the required delivery of the purchased goods, and

(c)      Information about the goods delivery related costs (hereinafter all together just the "Order“).

4/3     Before the final and binding order confirmation the Buyer may check and correct the whole Order and the entered data, including agreement with these Business Terms and Conditions, the price of the ordered goods including potential shipment and transport costs at the time of the order placement.

4/4     If the Buyer agrees with the text of the Order then after the Order confirmation the Buyer may finally file the Order for processing by clicking the "Submit" button. Thus filed order shall be binding for the Buyer.

4/5     The offers, prices and information on goods availability specified in the E-shop express the current status of the stock of the Seller but for technical and organisational reasons these data may change in the course of the period between the order placement by the Buyer and delivery to the Seller pursuant to 4/6 above, and so the goods listed in the E-shop at the time of the order placement may not be available anymore under the declared conditions.

4/6     Immediately after the order receipt the Seller shall send an e-mail to the address of the Buyer stated in the order in which the Seller shall confirm the order.

4/7     The Seller hereby reserves the right not to accept an order in justified cases, especially when the ordered goods are no longer on stock, or unavailable from the supplier, if there are apparent mistakes in the price or description of the goods in the E-shop goods catalogue or if the Buyer has previously violated any contractual liability towards the Seller.

4/8     This contract is executed in the Czech language but it can also be executed in a foreign language. The executed purchase contract shall be archived by the Seller for the purpose of its successful implementation in the electronic format for 5 years without third party access to it. Information about the individual technical steps leading to the contract execution is included herein where this process is transparently described.

4/9     Remote communication means may be used for the contract execution. If any remote communication means are used for the contract execution the Buyer shall cover its own costs of use of these means of communication.

5           Goods Price and Payment Terms

5/1     The price of the goods is contracted price in the sense of Act no 526/1990 Coll., on Prices, as amended, and is stated in the E-shop as the final price. The costs of shipment and transport, in the amount stated in the E-shop in the possible delivery modes description and different for the individual delivery modes shall be added to the contracted price. The final price calculated after the order filling out shall be already transport cost inclusive.

5/2     Payments for the goods and transport costs shall be effected:

(a)      By wire transfer to the bank account of the Seller no 111 76 14/ 2060, IBAN: CZ4420600000000001117614, BIC (SWIFT): CITFCZPPXXX, maintained by Bank Citfin sporitelní družstvo (hereinafter "Seller´s Account") with the payment deadline of 7 days from the contract execution, but no later than before the goods delivery. The payment liability fulfilment is further conditioned by correct statement of the appropriate variable symbol.

(b)      By credit provided by CREDIT ALLIANCE, SE, business ID: 24805394, with registered seat at Na Břehu 260/1, Vysočany, 190 00 Prague 9.

5/3     The invoice issued by the Seller for the Buyer on the basis of the purchase contract shall serve as the tax invoice at the same time. The Buyer may only take the goods over after full payment of the purchase price.

6           Goods Delivery

6/1     The Buyer shall acquire ownership right to the goods after full payment of the purchase price or the goods takeover, whichever comes later.

6/2     The ordered goods shall be delivered to the Buyer to the place specified by the Buyer in its purchase order by full address. The Buyer however acknowledges and accepts that the goods are intended for use within the Czech Republic.

6/3     The delivery deadline shall start on the date of the valid contract execution pursuant to 3/7 above herein, .e. after delivery of the confirmation e-mail by the Seller. If the Buyer chooses the payment variant comprising advance wire transfer then the delivery deadline shall start from the full payment of the purchase price, i.e. its crediting to the bank account of the Seller.



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