Timer switches are a great helper for time control of lighting and fans in bathrooms, toilets and staircases.

The switch under the CS3-4M switch is in WITHOUT ZERO WIRING and has the EIGHT FUNCTION SETUP option.

Power supply: 230 V / 50 Hz
Resistance load: 15 - 200 W
Inductive load: 15-100 VA
Not suitable for LED
Switching element: triac
Adjustable time: 1 s - 20 hrs.
Number of decades: 4
Operating temperature: 0 ° C to 35 ° C

CS3-4M features:
is a multifunctional time relay for control of resistive (incandescent lamps) and inductive loads (fans) with the possibility of mounting under a switch and in a wiring without a neutral conductor.

Eight features CS3-4M:
- interrupted time delay
- delayed shutdown (similar to CS3-1)
- multi-time relay with blocking
- Time relay without blocking capability
- impulse relays (multipoint control)
- delayed switching
- delayed switching on and off
- blinker

The great advantage is linear time setting (roughly by means of a switch, fine trimmer), WITHOUT ZERO WIRELESS connection, and setting of 8 different functions.

Explanation of CS3-4M features:

1. Intermittent time relay
The load and timing switching occurs when the button is pressed. Pressing the button again during timing can turn off the load.

2. Delayed shutdown (similar to CS3-1)
The load is switched on when the button is released, and after the timing, the load is switched off.

3. Multi-time relay with blocking
The number of pressed buttons (max. 5x) multiplies the set time. At sixth, the time is reset. If the button is pressed for about 3 seconds during the timing, the load will be deactivated.

4. Non-interrupt timer
The load and timing switching occurs when the button is pressed. After the timing, the load turns off.

5. Impulse relays (multi-position control)
Pressing the button switches the load on and the next button presses to turn off the load. The length of the button is not important.

6. Delayed switching
Pressing the timer will delay the set time (delay), then the load will be switched on until the button is deactivated.

7. Delayed switching off and off
When the button is pressed, the delay time is delayed, followed by the load switching. After unloading the load will shut off with the same delay.

8. Blinker
If the button is permanently switched on, the load is switched on at 1: 1 set intervals.



Used under switch motor. For automatic ventilator or light off setting. Setting range 1 s - 20 hrs.

Price 27,10 USD
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